Pixel 2 announcement expected Oct. 4th, Google says “Ask More”

Stay Tuned - Google

Tech sites and blogs have reported that on October 4th Google will announce the newest version of their “made by Google” phone, the Pixel 2, and more importantly the Pixel 2 XL. There have been sightings of billboards, and press invites received.  Google posted a video (below) to its Youtube channel confirming the October 4th date, and setup a landing page.  Google’s video doesn’t say a lot, but much like the billboard, and landing page, it encourages you to “Ask More”. The news, which comes on the heels of Apple’s big announcement about the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, is generating quite the bit of excitement.

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AWS outage hobbling major sites and services


Amazon’s AWS S3 service is having some technical issues that are causing major websites and services throughout the internet to have errors, or to be completely unusable. According to the latest update from Amazon they are “continuing to work to remediate the availability issues for Amazon S3”  and that “AWS services and customer applications depending on S3 will continue to experience high error rates”. The issues seem are connected with Amazon’s “US-EAST-1” data center, located in Northern Virginia. Amazon has not yet stated what may have caused the issues.

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4 tech necessities when traveling light

I am a pretty big geek, and I love to travel and take day trips. I am also someone who prefers to stay connected, be it for business purposes, or personal. When I’m out and about I use every downtime opportunity to get online. In many cases I don’t want to carry a bag with me when I’m out exploring, so I have to slim down to the bare essentials.

Here is my list of 4 absolute necessities that I carry when I plan to be out for an extended period. The idea here is that everything on this list is able to be carried in your pants pockets. Unless of course you prefer skinny jeans, then it might be a bit tight. These items probably won’t be enough for more than a day, but should be enough to get you through a full days adventure, and possibly even an overnighter.

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New Look & Site Updates

Those of you who have visited before might have noticed that we now have a new look. I really didn’t want to part with the black theme, but with the feedback I have received from associates and a couple of site visitors, it seemed like a change was necessary. I am actually very happy with the result and will continue to tweak it as necessary. If you find any bugs please feel free to contact us.

In other news, the site has been online for a couple months now and things have actually been going fairly well. We have been receiving some traffic, certainly not major traffic, but for a brand new blog a substantial amount none the less. We even got linked to by a couple of small blogs. Really not a big deal for most sites, but when you are this small it is something of an accomplishment. If you like what you read here (or just like sharing) please share us on social media and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, or Delicious.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Life is not always easy, often seems to throw a lot of bad things at us, and it can become easy to loose sight of the good things. Thanksgiving is a day where we should take pause and reflect on that which we are thankful for, the good things in life. Many will spend time with our families, and feast on some good food. For those that can’t be with their families today, or have no family to be with I hope you still find a way to enjoy the day and have many things to be thankful for.

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Cloud Server Quick Review – GoDaddy Cloud


A relative newcomer to the cloud market, GoDaddy, through their “GoDaddy PRO” brand is offering cloud servers with features which are comparable to the likes of Digital Ocean or Vultr. Some of the features you will find here include KVM virtualization, SSD drives, private networking, and instant server creation. Pricing, platform, and plans are similar to the competition. The cloud control panel at GoDaddy is pretty good, and fairly straightforward. Although GoDaddy has only 3 data centers so far they appear to be building out this product, having announced a 4th data center in Singapore is on the way soon.

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