There have been multiple, sporadic, reports of Apple’s new iPhone 8 splitting at the seams. The apparent cause is that the batteries are swelling, possibly due to gasses building up inside. This is alarming news for iPhone 8 users, but some are encouraging a more measured stance. According to Appleinsider the failure rate thus far is “within industry nor

Apple iPhone 8 Splitting


ms”. It is normal for a small percentage of lithium batteries to experience problems like this. As of this writing, we cannot find any reports of such failures in the US market, as of yet.

Even though the failures are within norms, people are rightfully nervous about battery safety. Many still remember last years colossal failure with Samsung Note 7 batteries. In that case, batteries were more or less spontaneously combusting, resulting in a ban from air travel, and a massive recall. Granted the iPhone 8 batteries have not yet started on fire, and no widespread issue has been identified. Still, lithium batteries are very dangerous when they are not functioning exactly as designed. Not a good thing for a device that spends a lot of time close to your body.

It is also worth noting that the batteries may not be defective, as battery failure can be caused by any number of issues. This could be due to mishandling by the user or during shipping, or by using an incorrect charger. Apple for its part has said that they are aware and that they are investigating the matter. I’m sure there are some folks out in Cupertino that want answers even more than we do. We’ll be watching for more on this.

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