Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be rolling out their Edge browser on iOS and Android. The intention of the move by the software giant users to easily move content from their mobiles to PC’s. Microsoft says this is in response to user demand for such a feature. The idea will be that users of Edge on mobile could use things like favorites and tabs across platforms. Additionally, users will be able to start browsing something on mobile and immediately be able to continue viewing on PC. The Edge browser preview is available now in the Apple Test Flight or iOS. Android users will have to wait a bit, but can sign up on Microsoft’s site for notification when it is available. The Edge preview will only be available in US-English for now, and will not immediately support tablets.

Another interesting thing in yesterday’s announcement is the Microsoft Launcher. This will be an android exclusive app, as Apple, sadly, does not allow users to customize their iPhones in this way. The launcher which Microsoft feels is the “most beautiful…,powerful launcher available”, is based on Microsoft Arrow project. Based on the screenshots, it does look slick, and well designed. It does have some cool features including a customizable feed, and the ability to put contact icons right on your home screen. Users who have the arrow launcher will automatically receive the upgrade. Those without Arrow who want to try out Microsoft Launcher, can join the preview now.

Microsoft seems to be working to allow users to take at least some of their Windows experience onto other platforms. Moves like these will benefit the users, and are just good business. Windows is still the dominant operating system, but its historic lack of ability to play nice with other platforms is a hindrance. In recent years Microsoft has worked to bridge the gap, releasing apps for other platforms. This is just another step in that direction. I’m no Microsoft fanboy, but I use Windows as my preferred OS, for simplicity. It is just easier to do the things that I need to do, and run the software that I want. Better integration with my non-Microsoft devices is a good thing. This, however, won’t get me to switch to Edge, and I probably won’t be ditching TouchWiz. Regardless, this is a good thing, and I hope to see the boys in Redmond keeping with this trend.

(Via: Windows Blog/Microsoft)