Apple expected to make big announcement September 12

If you read tech blogs regularly, you are undoubtedly aware that Apple is set to make major announcement today. The reports indicate that today’s event will make multiple product announcements, including the Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more.  The big announcement that is expected today is the iPhone 8. While some details have leaked, Apple … Read more

1 Million+ Google Accounts Compromised by Gooligan Malware

Credit: Bakhtiarzein | -
Credit: Bakhtiarzein | –

News is spreading across the internet that more than 1 million Google accounts have been compromised by a malware known as “Gooligan”. The Gooligan malware, which is a type of Trojan Horse, infects Android devices through infected apps that a user installs on their device. Once infected the malware than steals the users authentication key and has full access to the users Google account, including photos, email and docs. According to Google, the Gooilgan malware is a variant of malware that has been around since 2014, called “Ghost Push”.  Another variant of Ghost Push was found in SnapPea, an Android backup and sync application, last year by security researchers at Checkpoint. They are estimating that 13,000 new accounts are being compromised daily.

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Massive DDOS caused outages for Twitter, several other major websites

It has been a rough day for Managed DNS provider Dynamic Network Services, more commonly known as Dyn, and many of their largest clients.  Their engineers have been combating a series of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, or DDOS, targeted at the infrastructure that runs their popular Managed DNS products.  Dyn reported on their service … Read more

T-Mobile busted throttling unlimited data. Will pay 48M FCC fine.

The Federal Communications Commission announced that wireless carrier T-Mobile will is the latest carrier to be caught throttling heavy data using customers who subscribe to the companies “unlimited” data plans, without adequately informing the customers of this policy. The settlement was reached between the two parties, in a case where the FCC accused T-Mobile of … Read more