Image Credit: Periscope Blog

In an announcement yesterday Twitter’s Periscope announced that they will begin rolling out 360 degree live video broadcasting they are calling Live 360. While anybody can view these videos on Twitter or Periscope, only select broadcasters will be able to broadcast in 360. Periscope’s  limited roll out of the feature makes perfect sense. 360 degree broadcasting is more complex than the normal social media live streams. More complex though it is, live video is all the rage these days, 360 degree video is the next logical step in the evolution.It is worth noting that Periscope is a bit late to this party.  Facebook has been working on 360 degree videos for some time, and launched their 360 degree live broadcasts earlier this month. Twitter has lagged behind other platforms in regards to live video, and is still playing catch up. The move to introduce 360 might just give them the boost the need to remain competitive. At any rate I think there is enough space for more players,  so we will see how this all plays out.