Welcome to JustAnotherGeekBlog.com! This is my inaugural post here, and I’m happy you are reading it. So this blog is just what the name implies, just another blog in a sea of blogs. The geek is in reference to its owner, me (you can read more about me here). Basically this is my place to post on things I feel like posting on, if others wanna stop in and check it out that is awesome, I’m glad to have you stop in, maybe I’ll post something you find insightful or even useful, and that would make it even better.

So what will you find here you might ask. Well I like computers and technology, so guess what I will be blogging about (hint: it won’t be about collecting my little pony stuff). As you can see by the menu bar that I will be reviewing products and services that I find useful. Under the Projects and Experiences banner I will post some of the projects I undertake, my lessons learned from the, to include step by step instructions for some of them. Some of these will be ongoing projects with updates, some will be simple one paragraph posts. The last thing you will find is my random thoughts and commentary on technology and the world as a whole (really, with my ADD, there is no telling what will end up here….oooo squirrel)

What you likely will not find here is a full time tech news blog (well at least not at the moment, one never knows where these projects will take you). I may post an article or two that are legit news but if you want full time news I recommend you head on over to one of the hundreds of tech news blogs that are available. Another thing you probably won’t find here is polish, or pizazz, just not my style, and as you can already tell I am not an English major.

At any rate, thanks for visiting, check back, see whats new, and feel free to post something in the comments if you desire. Unless you are a spammer, than please just piss off.