Domain Investors or “Domainers” are often hated, but is this fair?


If you have ever tried to register a domain, you have likely encountered the work of Domain Investors. The business model of a domain investor, also known as domaining,  is on a basic level, quite simple. Their goal is to find a domain they believe will be in demand and register it for the purpose of reselling it at a profit. Alternatively, if the site generates traffic they may use it for an advertising-filled site that provides no real value to the public, but will generate revenue for the registrant.  Domain investors, or “Domainers”, as they are called, register hundreds of thousands of domains for their purposes. They can invest very little per domain, to walk away with a big payday, if they pick a winner.

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Cloud Server Quick Review – GoDaddy Cloud


A relative newcomer to the cloud market, GoDaddy, through their “GoDaddy PRO” brand is offering cloud servers with features which are comparable to the likes of Digital Ocean or Vultr. Some of the features you will find here include KVM virtualization, SSD drives, private networking, and instant server creation. Pricing, platform, and plans are similar to the competition. The cloud control panel at GoDaddy is pretty good, and fairly straightforward. Although GoDaddy has only 3 data centers so far they appear to be building out this product, having announced a 4th data center in Singapore is on the way soon.

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