The fake news problem facing Social Media (..were looking at you Facebook)

On November 8th, 2016 something that many thought was impossible happened, NYC business mogul and reality TV star Donald J. Trump was elected as the President of the United States of America. President-Elect trump has had a widely controversial campaign. His often belligerent words and actions and his unpredictability make many in this country nervous, or in some cases even down right scared. Whether this distaste for and fear of the President-Elect is warranted, only time will tell, but one thing Americans who didn’t vote Trump want right now is someone to blame. It seems they found many things to blame, bad polling, poorly timed FBI investigations, poor voter turnout, and so on. But there is one target of blame that keeps coming up, and with increasing volume, “fake news”

Social media platforms as Facebook and search platforms like Google are facing widespread criticism for providing an avenue for inaccurate, and often down right fabricated news stories to become widely disseminated, and sometimes even viral.  Anybody who has been on the internet for any period of time has come across these types of stories, and sometimes they can be hard to tell from legitimate news. Many of the fake news websites look like legitimate news sources, and in many cases this is by design, to make it look like their false information has some authority. When these stories fit the narrative that someone already believes, they have a tendency to share these articles, further perpetuating false story. In today’s world where people get much of their news from social media, and the news shapes public opinion, this is a big problem; a problem that many feel swayed the last election to favor the Republicans.

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Microsoft joins The Linux Foundation..Did Hell freeze over?

Microsoft <3 Linux
Image Credit: Microsoft

In what many will consider shocking news Microsoft has not only been on a path of embracing Linux, but now they have  joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member, as reported by TechCrunch. To me this news is not at all surprising, as Microsoft has been making friendly overtures towards open source for the last few years, not only contributing to many Open Source projects, but releasing some of its once propriety code to the Open Source community, which they have been slowly doing for over a decade, but only recently have they been taking it seriously. In recent months they have also collaborated with Canonical, makers of Ubuntu, to include some Linux functionality right inside of Windows. In addition to this there has been a concerted push to get Microsoft products onto other platforms, including its SQL Server, Visual Studio for Mac, and Office mobile for Android to name a few.

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Happy 20th Birthday to ICQ Messenger

Popular messaging platform ICQ turned 20 years old today, that is a crazy amount of time for an application to remain in existence and definitely worthy of praise.  I remember the good old days of using it to chat after school when I was in middle school. It’s simplicity and functionality were great for its … Read more

We have implemented Basic SSL

Just a quick update about some of the behind the scenes goings on here. We recently completed upgrading our website to use basic SSL, powered by Lets Encrypt. The internet is moving to this as a standard and we figured we should go ahead and make those changes. This feature is sort of in beta … Read more

I’m in Greece

So my real job has brought me to Chania, Greece on the Isle of Crete. Here’s a couple cool pictures. 

” Celebgate” hacker gets 18 MOS, We’ve learned nothing.

Today CNET, among other outlets is reporting that the man behind the “CelebGate” ( AKA,  “The Fappening” phishing scam that lead to the release of  nude photos of celebrities,  was sentenced to 18 months in prison. 36 year old Ryan Collins used phishing, a technique to surreptitiously obtain information by posing as a legitimate company or person, … Read more

The DDOS attack on Dyn and the Dangers of the Internet of Things

Todays DDOS attack against DNS Service provider DYN brought caused outages at several prominent websites. Reuters published a great piece on the attacks, but something stood out about their post. They stated in their reporting the following: “attacks were coming from tens of millions of Internet-connected devices — such as web cams, printers and thermostats … Read more

Massive DDOS caused outages for Twitter, several other major websites

It has been a rough day for Managed DNS provider Dynamic Network Services, more commonly known as Dyn, and many of their largest clients.  Their engineers have been combating a series of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, or DDOS, targeted at the infrastructure that runs their popular Managed DNS products.  Dyn reported on their service … Read more

Domain Investors or “Domainers” are often hated, but is this fair?


If you have ever tried to register a domain, you have likely encountered the work of Domain Investors. The business model of a domain investor, also known as domaining,  is on a basic level, quite simple. Their goal is to find a domain they believe will be in demand and register it for the purpose of reselling it at a profit. Alternatively, if the site generates traffic they may use it for an advertising-filled site that provides no real value to the public, but will generate revenue for the registrant.  Domain investors, or “Domainers”, as they are called, register hundreds of thousands of domains for their purposes. They can invest very little per domain, to walk away with a big payday, if they pick a winner.

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