Powered by Open Source

Like most of the internet, the majority of  this website is powered by Open Source software. At every level from the writing and development of the site,  to serving the pages to users, we depend on Open Source Software. Many of these projects were started to fill a need, or improve on an existing project. Some have commercial motives, but still Open Source and freely distribute their software. The dedicated developers and communities that develop these projects are overlooked and that is a shame.

Outside of hanging out on forums and helping new users, I am not really talented enough to contribute to these projects, but what I can do is say thanks and link back to them. So in no particular order I would like to thank the following projects and organizations.

This is not an all-inclusive list by any means, there are literally thousands packages we depend on for our projects, and I will expand on this list when I have more time.


Ubuntu Linux

My Linux distribution of choice, powers 90% of my Linux servers and PC’s


The webserver that powers this website along with millions of others.

The go to blogging platform for small time bloggers and large news organizations alike. We have tried other platforms and software but still find WordPress to be the best in terms of features.


MySQL database server is still the reigning king of database servers, and we utilize it to power many of our projects.


Pre-Hypertext Processor or just PHP is the language that more than 80% of my projects are written in.


Webmin is an amazing server management software which provides a graphical user interface for almso anything you need to do to manage a server, and coupled with it’s Virtualmin package it adds an easy way to setup a shared hosting environment.