This document will define our editorial policies and guidelines. These are our guiding principles when it comes to creating and posting content on the website. Consider it our promise to our readers and viewers.

Truth and Accuracy

We will strive to publish only material that is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. If we get it wrong we will make sure the story is corrected, and a retraction is issued.

We will always clearly categorize our stories appropriately, if it is a news story you should expect only verifiable facts will be reported, in an unbiased manner. If it is a commentary or opinion piece it will be clearly categorized as such, and will not contain false or slanderous information.

Note: We may from time to time post press releases and articles from other sources. These are not usually verified by our staff, and we will clearly label them as third party content. If something is known to be false, we will not post it, or will remove the content when discovered.

Full Disclosure

We will fully disclose any case where a conflict of interest arises. We will clearly label any sponsored content or advertising as such.


From time to time we review various products and services. We may receive free trials or samples for the purposes of the review. This will have no bearing on our review, if something is good it’s good on its own merit, if it sucks it just sucks.

While we strive for reviews to contain accurate information, they are written from the viewpoint of the author. As such they should always be considered opinion.

Advertising and Affiliate Programs

We utilize various advertising and affiliate links (automated and manual) throughout the website, as a way to generate revenue. Advertisements will be clearly labeled as such, and we take no responsibility for their accuracy, known fraudulent advertising will be removed when discovered.

The use of affiliate links may occur in various articles and reviews (for example linking to a service we review). This relationship will have no bearing on the tone, content, or intention of the article. Just because a service has an affiliate program does not automatically mean it will be shown in a positive light.

Attribution and Credit

We may post content that is not created by us or is written by a guest. We will always ensure that credit is given to the content’s creator or author.