How did this all start?

This all started as a project with no other purpose than to be a playground for a nerd. It sort of developed into a project to learn how to run a “serious” website.   As new we learned skills and techniques, they found their way into the site. In the process a few articles were written, and the site started to generate some traffic. So, the decision was made to continue, and just see where it goes.

What is this site about?

Simply put, this is a site focusing on technology, the internet, and related subjects. We also throw in some randomness, well, because we can. Honesty and accuracy are what we strive for. This project is independent; there are no shareholders, no board of directors. We write the content here, as we see fit. We have no interest in sugar-coating, or trying to please anybody.

There are no paid or sponsored articles here. The content that appears here is not for revenue or traffic. It is because we genuinely want to write about it. If what we want to write about is good enough, traffic and, maybe, revenue will follow. When we write a review, we don’t compromise our opinion for anyone. There is no scratching our back for a good review, if we like a product, we will say so. If it is trash, we will say that too.

What it’s not about.

We really aren’t a news site. Although we do sometimes have news-ish posts, sometimes even “breaking” news, we do not bill ourselves as a news site. News sites have resources, staffs, regular updates, etc. We don’t. We may just happen by a newsworthy thing that we find interesting and write about it, maybe throw our opinions in. This is not really a “professional” organization by any means. In fact it is mostly one guy, and a couple of occasional contributors.

The Future?

This site is, was, and always will be a learning experience for us. But, it has also grown into something a bit more. We honestly don’t know where this will go. We certainly don’t expect this project to be wildly popular. But if a few people want to visit, and find something useful or entertaining, awesome.  If not that’s alright too, because we’re still learning, and having fun doing it.


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