About Us

So what is this About?

So this blog is a place where various associates and I blog about whatever we feel like blogging about with a focus on technology, the internet, and home automation. Other topics you may find here include blogging, web development, web hosting, video games, and various product reviews. This list is by no means all-inclusive, there will be other topics broached. You will also find a section labeled “Randomness”, where those things that don’t really fit in with the rest of the site get posted, you know those times when ADD takes over (ooooooooooh Squirrel ).

Why does this Exist?

Well, I have decided to up my geek level and start learning some of that professional geek stuff that might actually make me some money some day. Things like Server Administration, blogging/Wordpress, web development, SEO, etc. This, however, is not my first rodeo, I have had an online presence in some form since 1999, and some of the projects actually saw what I would call minor success. This is however the first time I am attempting to take it even remotely seriously.

This blog will sort of chronicle my learning progress and my experiences with personal projects. In addition to my experiences it allows me, and sometimes others, the opportunity to share the knowledge we gain, our opinions on products and our commentary on technology, news and what ever else we really feel like.

Bottom line, I started this blog to learn, and figured what better way to learn than to build something from the ground up. I do not expect this to be a wildly successful project, if it pays for itself, great. If we get some traffic and a few people find our content helpful or entertaining even better. If we come away with nothing but useful knowledge, well, mission accomplished.

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