Australian man charged for selling 1 million Netflix and Spotify passwords.

Australian Federal Police have announced the arrest of an Australian man who is alleged to have been behind a website selling stolen usernames and passwords for streaming services. The website, called, is alleged to have had 120,000 users and contained over 1 million stolen Hulu, Netflix and Spotify passwords.  The arrest was said to … Read more

CoinHive cryptocurrency miner shuts down

coinhive logo

Popular cryptocurrency mining operation CoinHive, has officially closed.  CoinHive’s product was a web browser-based cryptocurrency miner. The miner, a Javascript application, could be loaded into any website. It was very popular with cryptocurrency faucet websites. Most used it as an additional source of income while sharing part of the profits with users. Mainstream sites such … Read more

Energizer Mobile announces a battery that’s also a phone

Energizer - POWER MAX P18K POP

The Energizer brand is known for a lot of things. Most obviously batteries, and that drumming bunny in their commercials. In recent years, however, it has been associated with cellphones. French phone manufacturer Avenir Telecom has licensed the brand and is selling phones through its Energizer Mobile division. Their latest phone, the P18K Pop, is … Read more

Google giving up on it’s Google+ platform

In an unsurprising move Google has decide to pull plug on it’s social networking service, Google+. The service, started in June of 2011, was Google’s fourth foray into the social networking arena, and by most accounts can be considered a failure. Forbes magazine put it best when they stated that: “Google+ has been an unmitigated … Read more

Not Forgotten

Greetings! So this project hasn’t had updates in a some time, I know, and I am still figuring out where to go next. The original point of this project was to learn how to build a blog on a self hosted server and learn as much as possible. I have accomplished that goal. The problem … Read more

Happy New Year

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May your 2018 be blessed  prosperous, and happy! We have been a bit quiet around here but we have some big changes coming for 2018, stay tuned!

Key Logger discovered on many HP Laptops

It was revealed earlier this week that many HP laptops have code within the keyboard driver that acts as a key logger. Computer researcher Michael Myng discovered the code whilst poking around in the Keyboard driver code. His intent was not to look for security issues, but to control the keyboard backlight, but in his … Read more