This post represents the official start of v3.0 of this project. We have been on a bit of a hiatus but we are officially back in the saddle, and working on building something that is still taking shape. The following is a little background on this project, and a glimpse into its future.

How this started

Well it really started about 25 years ago when I made my first website at the public library, and continues from there, with long breaks between projects. I have done more web projects than I care to count, but this one was a bit different, this project started out as a way for me and a couple of folks to try our hand at creating a blog, and learn how to do it right. So, circa 2016, we spun up some servers, spent hours learning how to configure them, setup WordPress and wrote some articles… We started the project, and it just became its own animal from there.

Why we have been…on hiatus

Life rather got in the way of the project, and I kind of let it fade away. Then, alas our unmaintained database server decided to commit suicide. Something about the unwatched pot and boiling over, I guess.

People ask, did you accomplish your goal of learning something?

The answer is a resounding, Hell Yeah! We made a ton of mistakes, and with each, a lesson learned. I learned a lot about server management, resource usage (especially load spikes when we accidentally wrote something people wanted to read), website optimization, SEO, and so much more. Not to mention, I actually started enjoying writing articles.

So…why are you resurrecting this project?

There was a lot of great insight and knowledge gained in the first iterations of this site. The fact remains that there is a lot left to learn. In addition, shockingly, we were generating some traffic when we were active so, meh, let us see where this goes.

The Road Forward

The next chapter of this project is still being written. The goal now is to take what was learned, and use it to make the future even better. I know for sure that it will continue to be a learning experience. A couple changes are already in the works. These include a rebrand (shorter URL coming soon ;). The only way to know what is next is to check back and see.